Commercial Solar Systems

Running a business with high energy needs? Sick of expensive utility bills? Ready to take power production into your own hands? 

Our commercial solar division covered solar panel based power systems installed on the rooftops of businesses, schools and community organisations throughout Australia. Our capabilities spans from 10 kilowatt arrays to multi-megawatt projects.

How much will I save by installing solar panels?

If your business uses electricity, especially during the day, chances are that solar panels will help to slash your power bills.

Likewise, big savings are very likely if your business has high energy needs, high peak demand or critical systems that need blackout protection.

As for exactly how much you can save, it will depend on a number of factors. Your roof space, power usage patterns and budget will help to determine what size of system we recommend, as well as your projected savings.

But don’t leave your solar investment to guesswork. 

Request a free commercial solar consultation and we’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your meter data and accurately model your new bill amount, payback period and return on investment (ROI).

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